Ah what great trip, to see my friends in Issaquah in the Snoqualmie Valley. About 35 minutes drive from busy airport of Seattle , WA I feel transformed into pure nature. Well I am a Californian and  at this time of the year anywhere where it is green and lush I feel embraced by all this beauty. I got to pick  salmon berries right from the bush, there is something about feeling so real when picking berries .

My friend Amy feels just the same way, here she is harvesting some rhubarb for a great pie, ya she lives here. Amy is a great talented writer ! Being so involved into the local community  offering information’s of what’s going on as far as events, food bank etc… she has her own website snovalleyscene, it’s a MUST to check it out.

So one day she took me along with a group and a naturalist leader for a hike up to Rattlesnake lake mountain. It was beautiful hike when we got to the top it started to rain, really pouring, and I had looked forward for a grand view over the valley.

That could be just my backyard…..

or maybe a yard on the roof???

This would be my spot , a bench with a book for the day.   But it’s actually my friend’s back yard!

Listening to the  gurgling sound of the water at the creek and gazing at the light’s reflections,..

About corneliaweberphotography

In my photography work I thrive to capture the soul of the moment. I let my images speak the language of stillness and vibration, with that I leave my audience to find their own reflections and emotions. My approach in my work is to lead other's to their own imagination and freedom of dreams. I invite you to visit my web site
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  1. Dear Cornelia your blog is an abseloute delight! Thanks for sharing it:-) The beauty you show in your blog speaks volumes of the beautiful person whom you truly are.

  2. goks says:

    Very nice pics… Actually the ‘yard on the roof’ picture tricked me a little bit. First i did not understand what was on that pic until I read the title… 🙂

    • Thank you so much I am glad that you liked it. Yes I know the roof garden picture, sometimes I have a tendency to tease a little bit, so the viewer has to kind of think what I mean to express.

  3. susannye says:

    Cornelia – your photographs are beautiful. Thank you for sharing! …Susan

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