Grand Central Station in New York City

In 1871 Cornelius Vanderbuilt, who was quite an interesting man, opened a railway station on 42nd Street. Although often revamped, it was never large enough and was finally demolished. The present station, Grand Central Station opened in 1913. This Beaux Arts gem  has been a gateway to and symbol of the city ever since. The building has a steel frame covered with plaster and marble. Though when I visited last summer, the outside of the building was covered for reconstruction.

This vast pedestrian area with its high vaulted ceiling is dominated by three great arched windows.

DSC_9043 copycopy

Its glory is the soaring main concourse and the way it separates pedestrian and train traffic.

DSC_9082 copycopy

DSC_9084 copycopy

DSC_9080 copycopy

DSC_9093 copycopy

Vanderbuilt Hall adjacent to the main concourse, is a good example of Beaux Arts architecture. It is decorated with golden chandeliers and pink marble,

DSC_9035 copycopy

DSC_9031 copycopy

This four-faced clock tops the travel information booth on the main concourse.

DSC_9074 copycopy

DSC_9026 copy copy

DSC_9026 copy copy

DSC_9028 copycopy

DSC_9024 copy copy

DSC_9101 copycopy

An Apple Store on the upper level

DSC_9104 copycopy

The hush and rush, flying up and down the stairs to get to the train station

DSC_9019 copycopy

DSC_9011 copycopy

DSC_9012 copycopy

DSC_9023 copycopy

DSC_9020 copy

I love riding trains and being at train stations, it is just so very different from being at airports. The Grand Central Station was definately one of the most attractions for me in the Big City, though it was pouring cats and dogs outside, well lovely New York summer.

Take a train once in a while. Its a different perspective  looking out of the window, letting the landscape pass by and noticing details you would never see while flying in an airplane.

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In my photography work I thrive to capture the soul of the moment. I let my images speak the language of stillness and vibration, with that I leave my audience to find their own reflections and emotions. My approach in my work is to lead other's to their own imagination and freedom of dreams. I invite you to visit my web site
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9 Responses to Grand Central Station in New York City

  1. neely wang says:

    Great job capturing the chaos of grand central station, Cornelia! I especially like the photo of the close up clocks!

  2. I love train travel’s way of evoking the magic of traveling’s past. Like Neely, I love the details you’ve caught on film: the chandeliers, the elaborate arch, and the classic clocks.

    • Oh thank you so much Tricia, makes me blush!!!
      Just viewed your video of “Zinn”, that is so creaive, your co-production with your husband. I didn’t know that the home of Zinfandel is in Trogir. Though I must admit that I don’t like that much Zinfandels well at least the California Zinfandels , they are just a bit too sweet for my taste or I should say that there is something which doesn’t go with my tongue but I am sure the Croation creation is different. Did you shoot the video with your camera as well? Are you a Nikon or Cannon shooter? Great images, love them, well captured. xoxo

  3. belocchio says:

    Elegant and extraordinary photographs of Grand Central. Virginia

  4. LJ Innes says:

    Ah the memories of going through GC every morning – you just brought them all back. Great photos. I watched a documentary on Grand Central once and I think that beautiful clock is a Tiffany. I hope you enjoyed it. Love the subway platform pic and all the dimensions.

    • Thank you so much for your reflections on my post. I am glad that it brought back some wonderful memories. I really enjoyed being @ the Grand Central Station, I just love train stations in any city or country.
      Indeed is was one of the highlights of my N.Y. visit. Did or do you live in N.Y. Lucky you, I dream of living there for a while with my camera. Thank you again

  5. getsetandgo says:

    Hi, beautifully captured pics. I loved the chandeliers and the clocks 🙂

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