Christmas eve back in the days…fond memories

My father was a very talented and creative man, in so many aspects. Though by profession he was an engine engineer, holding a doctorate title at the University Munich, in his spare time one of his many passions was wood working.

For Christmas he had built this toy shop for us, everything made of wood, fabric and all kind of natural material. The shelves were filled with peas, beans, marzipan potatoes, sweets, tiny paper bags and all kinds of goodies. It was even equipped with a miniature scale and a cash register, a little bell to ring for arriving customers, a tiny wooden pen and little receipts to finish off the shopping. Only once a year we had this bash of joy to play with it, before Christmas eve it was pulled out of the boxes which were stored in the attic, it would be carefully undusted  and refilled with Love and goodies.


Here are my brothers and me, at our store..

Needless to say that he took this picture, as he was a very talented amateur photographer, he even had installed a little dark room down in the cellar. I still remember this exotic smell of developer and fixer……back in the days….

What fond memories I will cherish for ever….


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6 Responses to Christmas eve back in the days…fond memories

  1. Fabulous story and pictures, Cornelia. A post with real Christmas spirit…thanks:)

  2. Your anecdote and your images are precious, Cornelia! What ever became of this ingenious little toy shop? I bet you couldn’t resist gobbling up those marzipan potatoes? 🙂

    My father also has a great interest in wood-working, and he majored in engineering. When I was a little girl he made me a neat sandbox. What made it unique is that it was on stilts/wheels, making it easy for me to stand beside it, as if it was a counter, allowing me to create masterpieces and ‘recipes’ out of sand.

    • Thank you Tricia, glad you enjoyed my little story.On a note I am not really fond of Marzipan Potatoes, but my brothers were!!!
      Seems like our both fathers had something in common, the wood-work. What a wonderful sandbox he made for you, I bet you baked a lot of wonderful “cakes”. My father had made a sand box for us as well, I even have images of that. It is so wonderful to have those fond memories of our childhood and to share them. My father made me a doll house with a roof garden, ah I loved it to play house with it.

  3. Beautiful, loving memories that warms the heart. I too value past Christmas when I was just a kid with my siblings. I remember bits of details but feel 100 percent of the happiness it brought me.

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