A fun bridal shower for the bride to be, in sunny California




Allison, is the most beautiful bride to be, full of spirit, a get to go sparkly young woman. After I had photographed her and her handsome fiancé for their engagement pictures in January, I felt mesmerized by their deep soul connection with each other.




And the crowned bride to be took her seat..


with the most happiest smile..


and here goes the fun of a happy bridal shower…. in just a few captures…

DSC_8252 DSC_8253






Creating a wedding dress with tissues…..


and the winner is….


…a fashion show with outfits less than …$


…showered by rose pedals on pretty feet..


….and cutting the cake


The perfect  blend for life will get married in August. Allison and Sam I can’t wait to capture the seal of your great love.


About corneliaweberphotography

In my photography work I thrive to capture the soul of the moment. I let my images speak the language of stillness and vibration, with that I leave my audience to find their own reflections and emotions. My approach in my work is to lead other's to their own imagination and freedom of dreams. I invite you to visit my web site www.corneliaweber-photography.com
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7 Responses to A fun bridal shower for the bride to be, in sunny California

  1. Madhu says:

    How lovely! I particularly like the shot of the shadow patterns on the tablecloth. Congratulations to Alison and Sam! 🙂

  2. Judi McKenzie says:

    Your incredible photorgrapher’s eye captures the day with a lot of flair! Great shots! Beautiful bride, beautiful setting, beautiful day and beautiful photographs!

  3. Amanda says:

    Gorgeous photos. Glad that you’re attending celebrations too!

  4. Wonderful photos of such a lovely shower. 🙂

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