An affair with chocolate in Krackow, Poland




When I read in my travel guide that Poland produces the most decadent chocolate, stating to be even better than Belgian Chocolate, I kind of  thought…. proof it to me!  So I went chocolate tasting. As a chocolate LOVER this wasn’t a hard task for me…


Krackow’s chocolate manufactory  located in one of the main streets of Krackow, has a great presentation of their chocolates.  Through a window I kind of had a peek at the chocolatiers work.





Making chocolate is absolutely an art and enjoying it is another way of art, at least I believe in that. This chocolatier has some funny presentations.


Like Lenin and Putin






In the back room there is a little cozy Café , chocolate can be enjoyed in many different ways.


My next destination of chocolate tasting was Karmello chocolatier, and there I was finally in my chocolate heaven. Their chocolate is a feast for  your taste buds, saying a heaven in your mouth, it melts smoothly and leaves a taste of each flavor so perfectly.


Crunchy with all sorts of nuts, cinnamon flavor or berries…



Within a few days I had to return three times, by than they already knew me and my favorites…. that I call a home of chocolate……

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8 Responses to An affair with chocolate in Krackow, Poland

  1. says:

    There’s no place like home!!! Especially a chocolate home. Yum yum! Aloha~ Linda

  2. Herman says:

    Great post, Cornelia! But …’to be even better than Belgian Chocolate’, hard to believe for a Belgian blogger! 😉

    • Thank you Herman. Well that’s what they said, but it is really good, very close to Belgian chocolate… it’s very smooth and natural, just melts like being in heaven. So sorry if I have offended a Belgian blogger. Didn’t realize that you live in Belgium, I though more like in East of USA.

      • Herman says:

        No problem, Cornelia, I wasn’t offended. Maybe I should check it out myself one day… Funny that you thought I lived in the USA, though…

  3. Fig & Quince says:

    What a delicious post, ha ha! And thank you for considering eating chocolate an art. I am therefor = an artist! 🙂

  4. I had no idea Poland even produced Czekolady! Watch out Belgium and Switzerland, you’ve got a new competitor. I can just imagine the enjoyment you got out of visiting these places…:-)

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