The Museum of Schindler’s Factory in Krakow, Poland


After years of preparation the Oscar Schindler Enamelled Good’s Factory reopened to the public, as a world class museum in 2010. The story of Oscar Schindler and his emloyees is one of which has been well known since Steven Spielberg’s film  Schindler’s List. It was shot entirely in Krakow, Kazimierz, the Jewish Quarter of Krakow. The museum guides visitors through the history of every day life under the Nazi occupation of Poland, using vast archival documents, photos, radio and film recordings, artefacts and multimedia installations. It gives visitors the chance to learn more about the man and his workers.


At a certain point in his life, Schindler began to sympathize with the Jewish workers in his factory and did protect them from being deported to concentration camps and offered them better lives. After he saw many of his employees and friends being murdered during an SS raid, he ramped up these efforts even further. He would come up with bogus paperwork to classify those threatened with deportation as ” essential” to the workings at  the factory- even if they were unskilled.


Scattered randomly between  the exhibitions are replicas of every day places , designed to give the visitor a taste of 1940’s Krakow.






DSC_9578 Like a rotunda hugh light box, you can view slide shows of old photographs. I pressed my lens at the lens of the eye viewer and was able to have a peek at some images.






DSC_9556 DSC_9551

Schindler’s office





typical living places at that time..





Tin ware erected in Schindler’s office






Schindler had passed in 1974, his final wish was to be buried in Jerusalem, until today his grave is piled high with small stones left there by appreciative Jewish visitors.

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5 Responses to The Museum of Schindler’s Factory in Krakow, Poland

  1. Looks like an amazing place to visit and feel inspired – it takes one person to make a difference!

  2. Such an interesting place. Thank you for sharing.

  3. Cornelia, we were just in Krakow two weeks ago, and learned of this museum as it was not far from our apartment. We wanted to visit, but traveling with our little stowaway kitten from Ukraine, we couldn’t leave him alone at the apartment. 🙂 I suspect we’ll get to return to Krakow someday soon, but in the meantime, I’m glad you satisfied my curiosity aas to what we missed there.

    • Tricia, I am glad I could share my visit at the Schindler’s factory with you. A few days ago I watched again the movie , which I had to divide in several sessions, it was just so upsetting, those moments I am really not proud to be German, if I am at all. Have you arrived in Oberammergau by now and how is Cocoa?

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