International Women’s Day, Indian women



The International Women’s Day is celebrated every year on March 8th. It is recognized as a special day all over the world, like in Afghanistan it is an official holiday.

DSC_8279 - Copy.jpg

Since I had seen most beautiful women on my recent trip to India, I decided to dedicate this post to the women in India.

In Ahemabadad at a temple a young woman gives a glance into the mirror to add a sign on her forhead.


A woman’s morning cleaning of her little street kitchen, in Ahemadabad

DSC_0074 Women in Haridwar, near the Ganges


DSC_0153.jpg DSC_6981.JPG


Women in Ahemadabad











Women at different celebrations and working




Woman cleaning the temples walk ways



Saraah, who gave me a hemp tattoo at my hand, a single mother of three children, being abused by her husband.


A business women at a spice store, who runs her father’s business since he passed away.

DSC_8175 - Copy

The young girl , who runs a street business in Jaipur.


Women in India are working very hard to do all the duties of daily life, women carrying wood to make fire to cook everyday’s meals. In Ranakpur


Young women



A common street scene in India cities


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13 Responses to International Women’s Day, Indian women

  1. What a good idea to devote this day to the women you met in India. Although they are both strong and proud, they could certainly need some liberation and equality. Your photos stunningly beauty.

  2. yvonne rafi says:

    Your loving homage to the women of India, on this special day, is both beautiful and touching. Thank you for sharing.

  3. Cornelia, a vibrant and fitting International Women’s Day tribute. It make me wonder what each woman’s story is. How long were you traveling in India?

    • Hi Tricia, thank you for your comment. Yes indeed each woman I would see or get in contact I wondered too about their own story, but some of them didn’t speak enough English. I was there for three weeks, yet I wanted to spend there more time, I guess it is calling for another trip in the future.

  4. Judi says:

    You have given us a small glimpse of these beautiful Indian women’s lives on this special day. I look around at my surroundings and realize I need to appreciate our way of life which is so easily taken for granite on a day to day basis. Looking forward to your next chapter!

    • Thank you dear Judi. Yes we take things for granted, although we are getting worried about so many things women in India are not exposed to, like face lifting or the fear of aging…. etc. they just are who they are

  5. Doris Bender says:

    wow…love all the colorful pictures…..

  6. Such a wonderful tribute.

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