Doors and windows of India, Rajasthan



Walking through little alleys and side streets in Rajasthan, seemed  like opening a treasure box. Every morning starting out for a new adventure I had to double check my camera equipment making sure taking two fully charged batteries and two camera chips, never knowing what’s out there to capture.



DSC_8253 - Copy

 Most of those gems I found in the old city of Ahemadabad and Jodhpur, called the blue city.

DSC_8431 - Copy

DSC_8698 - Copy




Some openings for women, who’s destiny was to stay within a palace, little windows were created for them to have a glimpse of the out side world. Like in the Palace of Winds in Jaipur or palaces in Udaipur.

DSC_8448 - Copy



DSC_8517 - Copy


Since ever I have been attracted to doors and windows, always wondering what kind of life would been hidden behind it. India offered so many opportunities to my curiosity




For sure it does open a different perspective of thoughts and imagination









DSC_8591 - Copy

DSC_8236 - Copy

Doors and windows, a glimpse of the hidden history and life if India

DSC_8509 - Copy

DSC_8572 - Copy




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2 Responses to Doors and windows of India, Rajasthan

  1. I love shooting doors and windows. These are so wonderful, Cornelia. That first one looks like a painting!

  2. ~ av says:

    Windows to the world.

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