Street food in Rajasthan India



Food in India had been like a heaven for me being a vegetarian. Besides that, everything is prepared fresh and so flavored mixed with all those spices and fresh herbs. Yet I have to admit, that as tempting all those street food stalls were I didn’t try them out, well I am a Western with certain fears. 


Freshly baked Samosas, filled with vegetables or potatoes



DSC_8244 - Copy

One of my dinners in Jodhpur, a coconut curry with eggplants, cashew’s  toppled with raisins.

DSC_8265 - Copy


Those vibrant colors and the freshness is just so mouth watering and inviting.




Well cows have to eat to and they are fed daily the most fresh herbs, it seemed to be like a kind of watercress herb.



More Samosas in Pushkar


Vegetable curry and paneer, an Indian kind of cheese made with boiling milk added a few and than being pressed through a cheese towel…. served with Naan, the traditional bread. 



Fresh limes squezzed added with fresh sugar cane, a very refreshing drink.


Lunch time at the famous Green House Restaurant in Ahmedabad with a lime juice soda



finishing with the most divine dessert made of Mangoes, Yoghurt and some fine spices, sprinkled with cashew nuts.


Hope you enjoy this post, it will be followed soon by a post about the street markets in Rajasthan , India stay in tuned…

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8 Responses to Street food in Rajasthan India

  1. Nice posting, what a treat – full of delightful images from the slightly grumpy lady in the first image to the mango dessert in the last one …

    [ Peripheral note: I could not resist looking up that partial book cover “100 ways to … AHME” on the web and found a 2013 blog posting about this intriguing bookstore in Ahmedabad… ]

    • Hi David, thank you so much for all your kind comments, I always love to hear from you and I am honored that you spend time to view all my images. Also I wanted to thank you for this really interesting link, me as a professional book seller back than where I lived in Germany it is especially interesting, wishing that I would have visited that book store in Ahmedabad. Namaste

  2. Yum – I have an Indian friend who took her American-born daughter to India and encouraged her to try the street food. Her daughter resisted but finally gave in and became very ill afterwards 😦

  3. Mouthwatering photos!

  4. Bidisha says:

    What a lovely post. Those pictures had me drooling all the way. I miss my Rajasthan Days. I discovered this one amazing eatery in Jodhpur called the Mishrilal Hotel and they served the best Makhania Lassi(made of yoghurt) and Rabri( a sweet dessert made of thickened milk). Have you been there and tried this thing? It’s quite famous in Jodhpur. You may like my post on it:

    • Bidisha, thank you for your lovely comment. Unfortunately I haven’t been at the Mishrila Hotel,in Jodhpur,I checked your posts but it looks drooling too, those Lassi’s . I’ve had those several times as an afternoon snack and I loved the mango lassi.

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