Independence Day in India

August 15th is observed as a National Holiday in India, the nation’s  independence  from the British Empire in 1947. That day Jawaharial Nehru, the first Prime Minister of India, raised the Indian National Flag above the Lahore Gate of the Red Fort in Delhi.

In honor for the Indian people I’d like to share some portraits of the hard working Indian’s  , who are the most admirable entrepreneurs of maintaining  little businesses every street corner to have meet their ends.  And my admiration of  a most beautiful culture in their authentic way of life.



Harvested sugar canes bringing them to town



Sugar cane factory



Haridwar at the holy river Ganghes



A barbers shop



Jaipur an authentic food offer



Woman’s task cleaning a temple


Welding in Jaipur


Temple beauty in Jaipur


New Delhi


Tutuk driver in Delhi

DSC_8285 - Copy





Ranakpur, a beautiful girl


In street markets you see more man behind a sewing machine



Pushing his cart to the market in Udaipur


A Tutuk in Udaipur



My contribution to the most beautiful country of India, which I fell in Love with.

All images are copyrighted with Cornelia Weber Photography.  Any copying, sharing on any social media or publishing in any matter are strictly under the law of copyright of the owner Cornelia Weber Photography. If you wish to purchase any images contact 

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About corneliaweberphotography

In my photography work I thrive to capture the soul of the moment. I let my images speak the language of stillness and vibration, with that I leave my audience to find their own reflections and emotions. My approach in my work is to lead other's to their own imagination and freedom of dreams. I invite you to visit my web site
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16 Responses to Independence Day in India

  1. Such beautiful images, Cornelia, and delightful tribute to India. It bet it was (or maybe still is?) a wonderful trip.

  2. Fantastic shots Cornelia. India is on the top of my bucket list of places to visit.

  3. I can see why you fell in love with india, Cornelia. Beautiful and intriguing images; I especially love your header picture.

  4. Wonderful photos, Cornelia. You really captured the essence of the country.

  5. The facts
    The culture
    The states
    The efforts
    The pain
    The turmoil
    The oneness
    The contentment
    The colors
    The fabrics
    The life
    All captured in true Sense.
    The Thanks

  6. These photos capture the moments in their raw essence. Awesome.

  7. Beautiful images capturing the raw essence! Great work 👍

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