India’s vibrant colors

My heart had been stolen, when I entered India,  by all those vibrant colors,  as a photographer it became a feast for my eye and my lens. I didn’t rest a moment to capture all the beauty, especially in the fabrics and textures I have seen.

I have been mesmerized by all the beauty of colors in India, they are vibrant and expressing the culture of this country and their people.


Haridwar, drying cloths from a bath in the holy river of the Ganges


Fabric store in Jaipur



Women’s dresses





DSC_8268 - Copy

pillow cases and more of if the beauty of Indian fabrics

DSC_8269 - Copy

DSC_8282 - Copy

DSC_8423 - Copy

A woman sweeping the garden of Jodhpur’s temple



Handwoven carpets in Ranakpur


Hand made paper in Sanganer


Hand painted ceiling in a temple of Udaipur


Fabric shop in Udaipur



Donation fabric in the wind


I have been mesmerized by all the beauty of colors in India, they are vibrant and expressing the culture of this country and their people.

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15 Responses to India’s vibrant colors

  1. Judi McKenzie says:

    I absolutely love the beautiful colors of India that you have captured in your beautiful images! Bright but never gaudy in color! Fabulous!

  2. blogadmin says:

    Beautiful shots!

  3. Sumith Babu says:

    Cornelia, I am obsessed with your photography!!

  4. The colours are indeed vibrant, and beatifully captured. It’s hard to imagine a place more colourful than India!

  5. Dina says:

    A gorgeous gallery of vibrant colours, Cornelia. How did you cope with the heath and the humidity?

  6. What gorgeous colors! I think I would take way too many photos over there. 🙂

  7. Capturing the vibrant colors.
    Spending time for hours.
    Depicting this culture of ours.
    Thanks for sharing in yours

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