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Barts Books, the worlds greatest outdoor bookstore

Bart’s Books a treasure for bookworms located in the adorable town of Ojaj, Southern California Already the outside of the bookstore is so welcoming, making a book lover open it’s heart and passion  reading books. Apparently it’s the greatest outdoor bookstore in … Continue reading

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Painted history… Murals in Santa Paula , California

Santa Paula a quiet little town, bedded in mountains and farm land in California between Ojaj and Santa Barbara. It’s history is well known for it’s amazing agricultural business over so many decades. This town is filled with murals, presenting it’s history of … Continue reading

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Krishnamurti and Beatrice Wood in Ojaj

Beatrice Wood was an American artist and studio potter involved in the Avant Garde movement with many European artists and writers. Visiting her studio with all the brushes and glaces, she had used. Jiddu Krishnamurti was an Indian philosopher, speaker … Continue reading

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Earth Day with Albert Einstein

” Look deep into nature, and then you will understand everything better”                  –  Albert Einstein There is math, science, logic and structure in nature if you look closely… Everything is already there, what we are looking for….. ………and in everything … Continue reading

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“It is only with the heart…… Little prince”

” It’s only with the heart that one can see rightly; what’s essential is invisible to the eye.”    – Antoine de Saint-Exupery  quoted from ” Little Prince” Dear readers, these images are purposely soft.  May softness take place in our … Continue reading

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Don’t you know yet?……..

” Don’t you know yet? It is YOUR LIGHT  that lights the world”      – Rumi Enjoy what you see and feel. It might reflect on you.   All images on this post are under the copyright of the owner Cornelia … Continue reading

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