Painted history… Murals in Santa Paula , California


Santa Paula a quiet little town, bedded in mountains and farm land in California between Ojaj and Santa Barbara. It’s history is well known for it’s amazing agricultural business over so many decades. This town is filled with murals, presenting it’s history of farming and family traditions.











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2 Responses to Painted history… Murals in Santa Paula , California

  1. Linda Halopoff says:

    These small town murals are priceless!! They tell so much history, and they’re so big and beautiful. We enjoyed some in Twenty-Nine Palms also. I haven’t been to Santa Paula since Kai was about 2 years old, so it’s time to return!! Thanks so much for sharing, Cornelia!!!

  2. Linda, yes those murals are priceless for the future of this town and their children to remember the history of their ancesters. Thank you for your valuable comment as always.

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