Slow pace in India



Haridwar at the Ganges river, woman lighting up the floating flower candle


Delhi, women sitting together


Young women hanging out at the Taj Mahal

As I have posted about the fast pace in India a while ago, here I have chosen some images about the slower pace.


Udaipur, the believer brings the light to the temple


Man playing cards at the leisurely time in Udaipur


Delhi, stacked up blankets at the temple


DSC_8253 - Copy

Udaipur, a happy dog nap

After posting about the fast pace in India a while ago, I felt like it needs some images about the slow pace.

DSC_8475 - Copy

Sitar player in Jodhpur


I hope you enjoy those few impressions.

As wordpress is giving me a hard time posting images , there fore are some doubles.

All images posted here are strictly under the copyright of the owner, Cornelia Weber Photography. Any kind of reproduction is unlawful unless you ask for legal permission.






In my photography work I thrive to capture the soul of the moment. I let my images speak the language of stillness and vibration, with that I leave my audience to find their own reflections and emotions. My approach in my work is to lead other's to their own imagination and freedom of dreams. I invite you to visit my web site
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17 Responses to Slow pace in India

  1. Peter Klopp says:

    Your beautiful images from the slower paced India serve as a reminder that we who live in a hectic and restless world need to take time out and enjoy the slower pace of life. Thank you so much, Cornelia, for this inspiring post!

  2. arv! says:

    A different capture of India. I like your perspective which shows India differently, Cornelia.

  3. Very beautiful! I love how you share moments of culture.

  4. So beautiful. I especially like the light in the first photo.

  5. These impressions are incredible! A sneak peek at different facets of Life in India. Thank you for sharing beautiful India with the world via your blog.

  6. Show pace India is one Best thing you can find but it must not always be so which is hindering the developments at Large.

  7. These are once again beautiful images. I have not been to India, although I have wanted to a long, long time. Your images from the country makes me want to get going. May be nest year?

    • Hi Otto, thank you so much for your appreciation of my images from India. I had posted so many more images of India, but due to the issue with WordPress , I had to delete o lot of them. How ever, I am happy to hear that my images inspire you for a long time wanted trip top India. All I can say it is a treasure for your eye and your camera. Hope you make it soon. If you need any recommendations feel free to let me know. Have a great weekend.

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