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Christmas Market in Munich, Germany

My  last  year trip in december to my home town Munich, Germany, gave me the chance to visit some of the cities Christmas Markets, called ” Christkindl Markt” Roasted candied almonds are offered, Eierlikoer eggnog with rum, and Gluehwein a hot beverage … Continue reading

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Doing laundry…

      …..being done in so many different ways, without a washing machine or dryer…. ….Laundry drying in the sun of Italy, Tuscany …. or Udaipur, India All images posted here are under the copyright of the Owner, Cornelia Weber … Continue reading

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Chairs around the world

Take a seat and enjoy the comfort of your chair. Read a book or meditate, enjoy the moment or reflect on your day. Your chair is  your comfort zone. As chairs have so many purposes in every culture and life. … Continue reading

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Ceremony of cleansing at the Ganghes river

Before entering the daily ceremony of devotion at the Ganghe River in Haridwar, India,  men and young boys get their heads shaved. This ceremony takes place every day, in Haridwar. It holds a long tradition of believe in devotion and honoring the deceased … Continue reading

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You are the space……..

” Who you are is the space behind your thoughts”                                                                       – E. Tolle ” Walk with who you are, with yourself” ” Openings in any shape are an opportunity to open our minds”     ” Your space within … Continue reading

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Happy Diwali, a Hindu festival in India

Diwali is a Hindu festival of lights. It’s  a five day long festival celebrated all over India with a great zeal.  Homes are lighted up with clay diyas to expell darkness and ensure prosperity. Each year the people of India … Continue reading

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Independence Day in India

August 15th is observed as a National Holiday in India, the nation’s  independence  from the British Empire in 1947. That day Jawaharial Nehru, the first Prime Minister of India, raised the Indian National Flag above the Lahore Gate of the … Continue reading

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