Life is……

” Life is the dancer and you are the dance” by Eckhart Tolle

This image was captured at an Art Festival , during a performance of the Mexican Youth Dancers.

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A pride flower … the Amaryllis

The Amaryllis is a small flower bulb , related to the common name “Lily ” due to the shape of a lily. Each bulb produces leafless erected stems of flowers

The meaning of the Amaryllis is pride , determination and radiant beauty.

The photographer and it’s subject

All images were taking at a friends place in Germany way before Covid. Here is was decorated with a branch of pine for Christmas time.

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Broken pieces and Hope…

As of tomorrow there will be a new area beginning with putting together the broken pieces of a country that had been shattered into pieces


….in Hope for growth

Exit to the past !!

and uniting the country…

….rising to it’s promises for a better and safe future

…new path to follow and goals to accomplish

those steps to climb up won’t be easy at the beginning, yet if we all have our minds together for a peaceful world we have the power within us.

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Starting the New Year with Beauty…….

This is a Cereus Cactus Flower, it’s name Cereus is derived from Greek and Latin, meaning “torch or candle”…

Their flowers are funnel formed and large. The kind I photographed is not nocturnal as many other kinds are, this would bloom for several days.

It’s inner beauty is just mesmerizing

” Minds are like flowers, they open only when the time is right” 

-by Stephen Richards, a professional wrestler

At last this little bee came to my lens

On a very sad note that all these images were taken in a back alley in my town, not being noticed from anyone. The reason why I saw those is,  a few feet away, I  had brought flowers to the spot were a  Black homeless man was shot to dead by the police for just jaywalking the street. In remembrance of this man’s precious soul I am adding some Black and White images.

May his precious soul shine like stars as this flower does

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Happy Holidays and Merry Christmas

May the spirit of Joy continue to live in all of us….

… there is so much Joy to see children reaching out for the Light  that makes them happy….

May all this Joy fill our hearts for this coming New Year to all of my friends on word press blog.

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Christmas Market in Munich, Germany….

As many of us photographers do, going into our archives , since travelling has been limited this year, I like to take you for a tour  from my last visit in Munich, Germany 4 years ago at the Christmas Market.

None of any Christmas Markets haven’t taking place this year.

” Here is the beholder of the eye”, me the photographer

Booth are filled with all kinds of Christmas ornaments , dolls and angels.

Sugar coated roasted almonds are being enjoyed
Booths offering ” Gluehwein”, mulled spicy wine.

All this being surrounded by the Beauty of  historical places of Munich

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Thanksgiving day…. giving thanks

I am merely a guest born in this world , to know the secrets that lie beyond it” – by Rumi

Indeed Thanksgiving is a day for families come together ,which will be different this year, yet it also a day to give thanks what our Earth has provided for us. 

The glow of nature….

” A  single flower and a single leave present the entire Universe , it holds the sun , the water, the winds and the creation of All. 

” Be kind to me ” said the Universe.     – Haiku of the author.

May you all have a Happy Thanksgiving  Day
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Happy Diwali….

Diwali is the Indian Hindu Festival of lights. It celebrates  the triumph of light over dark and good evil, the blessings of victory ,freedom and enlightenment 

The name comes from Sanskrit, meaning a row of light

Among delicious food for this celebration, sweets are the most favorites

Wishing the country of India  and all my Indian friends much freedom and light for the coming future

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The color of Blue….

Grass against the blue sky in Cambria, California

I have chosen the color of blue, because the country I live in, has elected  the color of blue .  The color of blue is the color of trust and responsibility , honesty and loyality .

Chimes flowing with the wind
The blue flower girl

..The meaning of the color blue , represents freedom, intuition and imagination….

The Disney Hall in Los Angeles, created by world famous architect Frank Gehry.
Still live of an Armenian tea cup in the kitchen sink

…..the color blue expresses inspiration and sensitivity

Lotus flowers leaves under water
Palm trees reflecting in a lake in Los Angeles
Eucalyptus trees reflecting in a water puddle

….the color blue is  significant for trust, depth  and wisdom..

Latino dancer’s feet at an Art Festival in California
A woman in India , carrying the groceries for her family
Handmade papers from the Sanganer , India , the paper city
Two different views of the coast from California, taken from my car.

May we all develope trust and honesty.

The imagination of two different views, taken from my car in Cambria , California
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The abundance of autumn

All images here were taken before Covid. Some of them are taken in the USA , where I live and some of them are from my home country Germany
A curve in Claremont , California
Take a pumpkin ride on your bike.
Leaves at its best colors
The red berries of autumn in California.
Putting up the chairs .closing the season in a beer garden in Munich, Germany
Wilted Hortensia in my friends garden in Germany
Wild  mushrooms in the forest
The crop of Boletuses
Apples from my brother’s garden in Germany
And there are my brother’s garden grapes.
An abundance of pumpkins at the Sherman Library garden in California

Despite Covid and what we All have to experience at these times, nature is still giving us the abundance as it it’s destination. Let’s all appreciate what nature is giving us. It is our only treasure we will rely on, it’s abundance of it is our lively hood.

On another note, I am still not used to this new wordpress  editing. I’m struggling with the editing.

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