Doors in India




DSC_0149Doors have always been one of my curiosities in my photography work, as well windows, but that will be another post. As I always wonder what’s going on behind doors, the interior of a place,  the happiness or sadness of some peoples live…

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The doors in India have opened a different view of world to me



With  doors and doorways in India, I have been mesmerized by it’s architecture, ancient design and history as in most temple door ways..

DSC_8238 - Copy

DSC_8572 - Copy

There is so much handcraft, wood carving and vivid colors….

DSC_8591 - Copy



Most of these images are captured in the region of Ahemadabad, Jodhpur and Udaipur.


DSC_8664 copy

This is how my eye sees the beauty of India.

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” Nature is not a place to visit………..

” Nature is not a place to visit. It is a home”

– Gary Snyder


The wonders of nature are asking for more gratitude


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Ceremony of cleansing at the Ganghes river



Before entering the daily ceremony of devotion at the Ganghe River in Haridwar, India,  men and young boys get their heads shaved.




This ceremony takes place every day, in Haridwar.

It holds a long tradition of believe in devotion and honoring the deceased and wishing for a good future.


Water is the most cleansing of nature



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Ahemadabad in India, flocking birds….


Ahemadabad  is the largest city of Gujaret, a state in India. It was declared as India’s first Unesco World Heritage City.

My last evening of my trip to India, turned out into a blessing, watching these birds circling around the Kankaria Lake.



This mesmerizing scene had been the most amazing I hadn’t see before………


……like a kind goodbye dear India, I will see you soon again.                                                                                                                                           Thank you India for offering  much in culture, and all the kindness of people and experiences, which filled my heart with gratitude.                                                                                                                                            May all those birds flying high for peace in the world.


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The dramatic coast of Cambria, Northern California


cell 6















Capturing images through the rear mirror of my car




The untraveled road to an unknown path.


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Dear friends and follower on wordpress. At this point of being a blogger for nearly 8 years, it has become to an issue that posting images on WP is getting a bit to expensive for me and I’m thinking to turn to another blog media. I will let you know once it happens. Appreciated all your thoughts and posts.

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The treasures of Ojaj, Krishnamurti library and belated Beatrice Woods ceramic studio


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