World Women’s Day

The strengths and caring of women all over the world , still need to get more attention and recognition.

This image was taken in Jodhpur , India , 2016, capturing a woman balancing the groceries on her shoulders to feed her family. I am posting this image in honor to all women in the world who carry the burden of still not being


In my photography work I thrive to capture the soul of the moment. I let my images speak the language of stillness and vibration, with that I leave my audience to find their own reflections and emotions. My approach in my work is to lead other's to their own imagination and freedom of dreams. I invite you to visit my web site
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14 Responses to World Women’s Day

  1. arv! says:

    In most Asian societies, women do a whole lot of work and often go unrecognized. I’m glad you understand this, Cornelia.

    • Yes that is so true, Arv, hopefully this will change at some point. Thank you Arv.

      • arv! says:

        That’s like opening a pandora’s box. There are so many areas where we feel western socities are better but when we read about the facts and figures, it makes you wonder if the perception is right. Anyways, this is probably a bit unrelated to the thought behind the picture.

  2. True and such a beautiful picture of a woman doing everything in her house. Happy Women’s Day to you, Cornelia.

  3. Yes, Cornelia. These women single handedly carry so much burden on their tireless shoulders. They epitomise strength and grit. Happy women’s day to you!

  4. Peter Klopp says:

    Thank you, Cornelia, for reminding us of the work women do for their families! Happy World Women’s Day! Let their work and love be recognized in the entire world.

  5. Jane Lurie says:

    Your stunning image conveys the story of women around the world, Cornelia. Thank you.

  6. da-AL says:

    where would we be withouth the work of women? chilling…

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