The jewels of a fruit, pomegranates


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The pomegranate fruit is originated from Iran and northern India, yet it is said that Iran is the largest exporter in the world, it is know as ” Anar”. Although here in California ], because of a similar climate, the pomegranate bushes are seen all around.

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Once this fruit is opened up, it shows it’s real beauty, the kernels appear like jewels.


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The red seeds are placed like in a cone, similar to a honey cone

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The Iranian tradition celebrates Yalda, on the longest and darkest night of the year, it’s a winter solstice celebration. Pomegranates are one of the significant fruits of this tradition.

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As the red color symbolizes the dawn and glow of life.

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A few captures of the Beauty of Magnolia blossoms

I couldn’t decide between black and white, and color so I posted both

Enjoy what you see.
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Butterflies captured in a butterfly house, Palos Verdes, California

A butterfly is a symbol of happiness and good luck to follow you in the future

I recently went to the Butterfly House in Palos Verdes , California

This is the chrysalis , before it hatches to a butterfly
The food station of grapefruits

The blue morphus before opening it’s wings
Here it is in all its beauty unfolded. They are really hard to captured since they move so quickly

The most common is the Monarch butterfly

Butterflies also symbolize spiritual growth and wisdom .
They landed on my hat, arms and even on my camera, so I guess I got lots of wisdom from this mesmerizing visit. Enjoy what you see

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The woods and their beauty..

A few weeks ago I travelled up the beautiful coast of the Highway Number One in California

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Little treasures found at the beach

” It’s the little things that matter”

” Being grateful for the little things in life, make them your treasures”

Those little treasures may give you the happiness in life you are seeking for

Enjoy what you see and feel, make it your own story of treasures.

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The ever most beautiful Peonies blooming …..

June is one of my most favorite month of the year …

….. as I am watching the Peonies unfolding their beauty….

…stretching their petals to the fullest.

Enjoy what you see
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Mother’s Day……Roses

Roses are a gift of Love

The mother’s love is as precious as the love of their children

As a rose blooms in it’s beauty, a mother’s compassion grows in love and you as a child nurture the love of was giving to you and you will pass it on to the world. Mothering other’s is a great gift.

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Earth Day…..

A humble bee sucking the sweetness of an Azalea flower

” Nature is not a place to visit. It is home”– by Gary Snyder

The earth is our home where we live in , and we need to protect our precious earth like we do ourselves. We go to doctors when we feel ill to get being healed, so why don’t we heal our earth from all the poisons we spread out in the universe.
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The delicacy of “gentle feelings”….

The Alstroemeria commonly called the Peruvian Lily symbolizes wealth, prosperity and fortune, as it comes in all different colors, this pink one presents the symbol of gentle feelings.

The long main stem branches into four or six short pedicals, each holding two to four flower buds.

It is said , that typically a cut flower lasts for a week or two, but mine magically lasted over four weeks in my vase.

” A photography is your vision, held together by light” by Steve Colman

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Daffodil’s announcing the spring

Spring is here. Daffodils are somehow the messengers to announce the beginning of spring .

” The earth laughs in flowers “

– by Ralph Wald Emerson

May you all enjoy the spring in all it’s beauty , as a new beginning in your life, in your thoughts and actions .

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I have always imagined that Paradise will be kind of a library” – by Jorge Luis Borges

Indeed that is my imagination as well.
Before my passion as a professional photographer I used to be a professional and passionate bookseller, back than in Germany.

  • All images are taken in the New York National Library , which is such an amazing place.

Reading books open a different world to you and your imagination.

Enjoy the paradise of your own library with joy of reading
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