The jewels of a fruit, pomegranates


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The pomegranate fruit is originated from Iran and northern India, yet it is said that Iran is the largest exporter in the world, it is know as ” Anar”. Although here in California ], because of a similar climate, the pomegranate bushes are seen all around.

DSC_9264 copy.jpg 40

Once this fruit is opened up, it shows it’s real beauty, the kernels appear like jewels.


DSC_9247 copy.jpg 40

The red seeds are placed like in a cone, similar to a honey cone

DSC_9240 copy.jpg 40

The Iranian tradition celebrates Yalda, on the longest and darkest night of the year, it’s a winter solstice celebration. Pomegranates are one of the significant fruits of this tradition.

DSC_9253 copy.jpg 40

As the red color symbolizes the dawn and glow of life.

DSC_9259 copy.jpg 40



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Thanksgiving day…. giving thanks

I am merely a guest born in this world , to know the secrets that lie beyond it” – by Rumi

Indeed Thanksgiving is a day for families come together ,which will be different this year, yet it also a day to give thanks what our Earth has provided for us. 

The glow of nature….

” A  single flower and a single leave present the entire Universe , it holds the sun , the water, the winds and the creation of All. 

” Be kind to me ” said the Universe.     – Haiku of the author.

May you all have a Happy Thanksgiving  Day
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Happy Diwali….

Diwali is the Indian Hindu Festival of lights. It celebrates  the triumph of light over dark and good evil, the blessings of victory ,freedom and enlightenment 

The name comes from Sanskrit, meaning a row of light

Among delicious food for this celebration, sweets are the most favorites

Wishing the country of India  and all my Indian friends much freedom and light for the coming future

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The color of Blue….

Grass against the blue sky in Cambria, California

I have chosen the color of blue, because the country I live in, has elected  the color of blue .  The color of blue is the color of trust and responsibility , honesty and loyality .

Chimes flowing with the wind
The blue flower girl

..The meaning of the color blue , represents freedom, intuition and imagination….

The Disney Hall in Los Angeles, created by world famous architect Frank Gehry.
Still live of an Armenian tea cup in the kitchen sink

…..the color blue expresses inspiration and sensitivity

Lotus flowers leaves under water
Palm trees reflecting in a lake in Los Angeles
Eucalyptus trees reflecting in a water puddle

….the color blue is  significant for trust, depth  and wisdom..

Latino dancer’s feet at an Art Festival in California
A woman in India , carrying the groceries for her family
Handmade papers from the Sanganer , India , the paper city
Two different views of the coast from California, taken from my car.

May we all develope trust and honesty.

The imagination of two different views, taken from my car in Cambria , California
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The abundance of autumn

All images here were taken before Covid. Some of them are taken in the USA , where I live and some of them are from my home country Germany
A curve in Claremont , California
Take a pumpkin ride on your bike.
Leaves at its best colors
The red berries of autumn in California.
Putting up the chairs .closing the season in a beer garden in Munich, Germany
Wilted Hortensia in my friends garden in Germany
Wild  mushrooms in the forest
The crop of Boletuses
Apples from my brother’s garden in Germany
And there are my brother’s garden grapes.
An abundance of pumpkins at the Sherman Library garden in California

Despite Covid and what we All have to experience at these times, nature is still giving us the abundance as it it’s destination. Let’s all appreciate what nature is giving us. It is our only treasure we will rely on, it’s abundance of it is our lively hood.

On another note, I am still not used to this new wordpress  editing. I’m struggling with the editing.

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Tomorrow the country I live in,  USA,  will vote for the future  of it’s people. We have all the hope for a turn out that will spread the wings for a safe and healthy  country . Just as this fire fly does, fluttering it’s wings , ready to fly for peace and human kindness. The hope is for saving our planet and our believe in humanity. Let’s all hope .

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The miracle of nature…

“If we could see the miracle of a single flower clearly, our whole life would change      -by Dalai Lama

” A flower does not think of competing to the one flower next to it. It just blooms.”        -by Zen Shin

Look carefully, what you will see in the following image, look for the bumble bee

“The camera is an instrument that teaches people how to see without a camera.”     -by Dorothea Lange

” If you take a flower in your hand and really look at it, its your world for a moment.”       -by Georgia O’Keefe

See the bumble bee  soaking up all the sweetness of the flower

” Look deep into nature, and than you will understand everything better.”     -by Albert Einstein

” Minds are like flowers, they open up when the time is right.”                – by Stephen Richards a professional wrestler

The Azalea is the bumble bees lunch buffet

” If nature is your teacher, your soul will awaken.”                                   -by Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

I see the miracle of nature all the time, my camera is the tool to present it  and wish we all could save it for the future, being aware of the importance what nature teaches us.

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Captures of Faith

Images of faith I have captured from all over the world , in their  devotion to the higher believe and culture, from India to Germany to Italy

” Beauty is not only in the face, beauty is a light in the heart” …by Kahlil Gibran

Women in Ahemadabad  entering the temple

The Dalai Lama at his 80th birthday  celebration in California

Offering flowers by a devoted  woman at the temple in Pushkar , India

The  Gong meditation of  a Yoga teacher
Devoted Guru in Haridwar, India

At the Ganghes river a prayer of a woman, Haridwar India
A man’s rest in  New  York cities curch
A priests blessings at a wedding in Germany
Blessings at the altar in Germany for a wedding

Nuns in Italy

Saint Francis  Assisi  in Italy , Tuscany
A devoted woman in Rajasthan,
Monks in Assisi, Italy

A Hindu in Haridwar, India
Celebration at the Ganges river in Haridwar, India
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The strenghts of a flower…. the sunflower…

The sunflower is one of the strongest  flowers turning to the sun all the times. These images portray the sunflower from a different perspective. As at times I capture the back  of a flower, which in the sunflower presents also the strengths of the neck of it. The strengths is also our back bone at these times . Erect your self to an upright  pasture , just as the sunflower does and face the sunlight. Enjoy what you see and feel.

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The architecture of a flower… The Dahlia

The symmetry of the Dahlia is like architecture of the nature.
Every form and line falls in place , just the way it is supposed to be…..

….just like in life
…….the beauty of nature shows us the way we should  live , accept  and appreciate…
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Paws and eyes

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