The jewels of a fruit, pomegranates


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The pomegranate fruit is originated from Iran and northern India, yet it is said that Iran is the largest exporter in the world, it is know as ” Anar”. Although here in California ], because of a similar climate, the pomegranate bushes are seen all around.

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Once this fruit is opened up, it shows it’s real beauty, the kernels appear like jewels.


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The red seeds are placed like in a cone, similar to a honey cone

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The Iranian tradition celebrates Yalda, on the longest and darkest night of the year, it’s a winter solstice celebration. Pomegranates are one of the significant fruits of this tradition.

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As the red color symbolizes the dawn and glow of life.

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A bumble bee’s “lunch buffet”

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Bumble or humble bees present in the spiritual world  as community brightness  and personal power.

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They have been recognized as symbolizing the sun , The Goodness  of celebration

DSC_9130 copy.jpg40

Here they are to soak up all the sweetness for their lunch

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Images captured  at the Sherman Library Garden in Costa Mesa , California

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Let’s keep the bees lives safe for their sake.

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An engagement party

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This engagement party took place late afternoon of New Years evening on a boat in the Harbor of Newport Beach California.

DSC_9360 copy.jpg 40

Before the boat took off , the captain had to clean the window of his boat.

DSC_9621 copy.jpg 40

The buffet with a grand view

DSC_9566 copy.jpg 40

Champagne for the celebration

In order to respect the privacy of my client, I chose not to show any portrait images. Therefore I  just share still moments….

DSC_9801 copy.jpg 40

Lanterns lit up with the view of he harbor

DSC_9809 copy.jpg 40

DSC_9735 copy.jpg 40

The ring..

DSC_9743 copy.jpg 40

 …. their commitment

Cheers to a happy live together

DSC_9811 copy.jpg 40

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The glow within..


So often the glow shines through darkness.

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 That might apply at times to our minds ..

DSC_9167 copy.jpg 40

 .. even in the world of plants.

DSC_9103 copy.jpg 40

Colorful grass caressed  by the ray of light..

DSC_9045 copy.jpg 40

DSC_9165 copy.jpg 40

Glowing water drops unfold the beauty ….

DSC_9060 copy.jpg copy 40

…and the queen glows in all her majestic beauty

DSC_8997 copy.jpg 40

As we all carry the glow within us, let us shine.

Enjoy what you see.






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Martin Luther King Day…

” I have decided to stick with Love. Hate is too great a burden to bear”

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The greatest  saying of Martin Luther King

May Love always succeed



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My favorite images of 2019


 I might be a little late, than other’s to share my favorite images of last year. I’ll start it with a picture I shot at an engagement party New Year’s Evening on a boat in the Harbor of Newport Beach, California.


This year I haven’t travelled overseas, much more to local places….

DSC_8434 copy.jpg40

Murals at the Los Angeles Art District

DSC_8452 copy.jpg40

DSC_8564-2 copy.jpg 40

Tranquil moments at the Japanese Garden in Pasadena, California

DSC_8652-2 copy.jpg 40

A Buddhist temple in Los Angeles, which I will share later with more images


A photo session with a spiritual  gong session



And all above  my passion for sensual flower photography

DSC_8129 copy.jpg40


DSC_8154 copy.jpg40

All shots done in my home studio




DSC_8719 copy.jpg40

Enjoy what you see



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Happy holidays ……

…… to you All.

DSC_0044 copy.jpg 180 enhanced.jpg text

As we enjoy the bliss of these holidays, let’s take a moment and think about all the people out there, who don’t have all the privileges , we take for granted. As  of today I was taking a shower and the hot water didn’t come in quickly, it made me think about all the people who don’t have access to a hot shower….. well just one of the many examples , we need to be aware of how blessed we are.


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